Save Bray

Swans, Local Supporters and Prima Bellerina Monica Loughman and her students all came out to support the famous Bray Swans, and to help Save Bray!

It couldn’t be simpler… We love Bray and we don’t want to see it destroyed.

The people of Bray deserve to be heard – the proposed bridge development (a hangover from the Celtic Tiger) just doesn’t make sense.

It won’t help transport,

it will make flooding more dangerous and more likely,

and it’ll kill Bray’s wildlife, especially Bray’s famous Swans. There’s a lot of native wildlife and heritage in this area, that’s proposed to be bulldozed aside for a pointless and ridiculous bridge – that doesn’t even have the funding reserved to be finished!!

If you want to help us do something about it, you can donate at:
towards our legal challenge against An Bord Pleanala’s decision that this proposal does not need an Environmental Impact Assessment. If you would prefer to donate in person, drop in to:
Cloud9 charity shop on the Quinsboro Road in Bray.

You can find out more about our legal challenge on our Who Will Save Bray?‘ page on this site.

How is all of this being allowed to happen? To make a long complicated story short, we can’t figure that out either! Everyone we talk to thinks the bridge is a bad and dangerous idea. At every step of the way we are disappointed in our representatives who seem to be happy to be pushed along for development’s sake. Whose vanity project is this? It actively contradicts the Council, National, EU and even UN directives on protecting Wildlife, Rivers, and ecosystems… not to mention the local people!

Not only do the people of Bray not want it or need it, the people know it will be bad and dangerous for Bray. See the petition here;

So on this website we will call for the County Councillors to commit to Save Bray! We will include a list of those who have committed to Save Bray and those who have not.

When this bridge fails, when its proven to be a vanity project and a money pit, and when swans are falling down dead on the train tracks (causing delays) we will be able to see which Councillors voted to stop it, and which Councillors simply didn’t care about the People, Culture and Wildlife of Bray.